Rehact Ventilation Unit - RVU

Active Facade Diffuser - ANF

Active Facade Diffuser (ANF) provides fresh air to a room in a continuous, steady flow which causes no turbulence. It is the basic component of the Active Synergy System (AS), an innovative technology which integrates room heating and cooling into a single, individually controlled system.

The RVU is installed in a perimeter wall of the building, next to the ventilated room, which makes it possible to avoid air ducts completely and hence to increase the building’s usable area. Dimensions of the ventilation unit: 200mm x 200mm x 1200mm and a minimum distance from the facade should be maintained for the suction and injection of air.

One innovative feature is that the carrying medium pipe runs along the direction of air flow, divided into sections. The homogeneous combination of aluminium (which efficiently transfers heat to and from the air) and copper (an excellent material for water) along the duct provide perfect conditions for the transfer of heat energy.
The heating and cooling medium is the water circulating in the Water Underfloor Heating (WOP) system. The unit is enclosed in a mounting case which houses the primary exchanger with a 12-segment rosette cross-section. Depending on current needs, the flat segments transport hot or cold water. The temperature of the water makes it possible to heat up or cool down the air flowing through the unit. The air flow is generated by the suction and pressure fan housed in a casing with a replaceable filter cartridge. All these features ensure efficient interaction with the water underfloor heating system and the heat pump, and enable the integration of heating, cooling and air conditioning within a single system.

The ANF has been designed with a view to ensuring that all its components can be completely recycled. The design assumption was to make the unit invisible and inaudible to users, but provide them with comfort and a fresh feel at the same time.

Nawiewnik RVU - Rehact Ventilation Unit