Reahct Energy System

Active Synergy

The AS technology is a sustainable, eco-friendly system which integrates the three most important building systems: air conditioning, heating and cooling.
The main components comprising the AS technology include:

  • low-temperature water underfloor heating (WOP),
  • heat pump (PC),
  • distributed supply and exhaust ventilated based on the ANF unit.

The AS System

The RES System

Benefits of the AS technology

  • Integration of three systems into one increases the building’s usable area. For instance, in a building with a maximum height of 156 m, which gives 43 floors, the use of the AS technology provides 4 extra floors without changing the height of the usable area. This means 9.3% of the area that can be commercialised.
  • We reduce operating costs through multiple use of purchased energy delivered to the building and utilisation of secondary energy produced at the object by the machines, equipment and people up to 85%. For a building with an area of 25,000 sqm, the savings are approx. PLN 2 million a year.
  • RES technology enables substantial reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere through alternated use of obtained
    energy by approx. 85%.

The basic premise of the AS technology is to create a system inspired by the mechanisms found in the human body, so that buildings can work in the same way that a healthy body, which never generates more energy than it needs. That's why it is so important that the system is homogeneous and flexible, so that the secondary energy can be re-used and supplied to the receivers or stored to ensure stable temperature in the building irrespective of the conditions outside.

To ensure the most efficient transfer of energy, our technology uses water as the heating and cooling medium, as water has a heat capacity that is 3500 higher than that of air. Since each device can work in the cooling or heating mode, room temperature is maintained at a steady level adjusted to the needs of our bodies.The human body is warm-blooded, which means that any change in room temperature is felt immediately and has a negative effect on our wellbeing.
RES technology also ensures inflow of fresh air necessary for the effective rest and productive work with simultaneous reduction of the operating costs.

The use of ANF unit and water underfloor heating and heat pump allows for effective and efficient maintenance of thermal comfort conforming to human physiology: higher temperature near the floor and lower temperature at head level. RVU supplies low-temperature air into the room through the textile screens installed by the ceiling. The used air is evacuated from above the floor into the exhaust ducts located at the height of 1.4 m maximum. The slow supply of air through big surface allows the system to ensure laminar distribution of air temperature in the room.

The concentration of CO2 is measured in every room, in which people stay and the volume of supplied fresh air is regulated to ensure the appropriate oxygen content and comfortable conditions.

AS technology was designed to improve health and comfort of life of people with the use of the basic laws of physics and secondary energy produced at the object by machines, equipment and people.

After all, the cleanest energy is energy that does not need to be produced in the first place.